"Malicious software hosted on this website" - Thanks Big Brother!
posted 03/01/2018 21:19:29 by smiba

Update: The issues should be resolved. Your browser might still give an warning if it hasn't updated his SafeBrowsing database yet. That should happen within 1 day


As some of you may have noticed (or will notice) - Google SafeBrowsing supported browsers will now give a big fat red warning when visiting garlicpool.org

We've already contacted google but it will at least take until the next refresh (24 hours) before its fully gone.
For now please ignore the warning and just visit the website.

Our website is marked because we're hosting the Allium CPUMiner, which google doesn't like.
The downloads have moved to https://garlicdownload.org/ for now - Wondering how long that one will stay online before our favorite company "Google" marks it as well :)

Thanks Big Brother!

For questions please visit the Discord Channel

High difficulty stratum nodes for big miners
posted 01/25/2018 02:47:44 by smiba

For miners with over 250MH/s of power we've created two stratum servers with a fixed difficulty

This is most likely NOT needed on Allium anymore, but is still in place from the scrypt-n days. You can use this on allium though!

We recommend using the following stratum nodes:

250MH-600MH/s: stratum+tcp://eu.stratum.garlicpool.org:3334 (512 diff) (EU)
250MH-600MH/s: stratum+tcp://us.stratum.garlicpool.org:3334 (512 diff) (US)

600MH/s+: stratum+tcp://eu.stratum.garlicpool.org:3335 (1024 diff) (EU)
600MH/s+: stratum+tcp://us.stratum.garlicpool.org:3335 (1024 diff) (US)

600MH/s and more: stratum+tcp://us.stratum.garlicpool.org:4444 (1024 - 12288 vardiff) (US only)

Happy mining!

The winners of our 150MH/s event are in!
posted 01/25/2018 00:39:25 by smiba

Event ended

We reached our goal and the winners of our 150MH/s event are in!

The winners of our event are:

1st: sirdescry (15 GRLC)
2nd: theshinygreen (5 GRLC)
3rd: Beamish5495 (1 GRLC)

Your prices will be paid out in just a moment.

Happy Mining!

NEW: GUI Mining Configurator (Garlicpool.org exclusive)
posted 01/22/2018 14:57:38 by smiba

Get it now: Version V0.2.2 (Updated)


  • Using new CPU miner, with up to 400% speed increase(!!!)
  • Removed scrypt-n references, we're now 100% allium

  • Allium hardfork ready
  • Feature: Pop-up when we've switched to allium and automatic switching
  • Moved back to old CPU Miner while we're on scrypt-n
  • Small internal changes

  • Moved to a more optimized CPU Miner
  • Lots of internal changes to support a future hardfork !
  • Bug fix: Settings were not being saved when changing any of the ComboBoxes
  • Bug fix: CPU Core settings always reset
  • Advanced: Change CPU Mining instructions to use

  • Added selection between US or EU stratum server
  • Fixed a minor mistake where the default intensity for GPU miners was 12, where it should've been 13

  • Auto-saves your settings
  • Advanced: Select US Stratum server

  • Added Advanced options
  • Advanced: --lookup-gap=2 (CUDA)
  • Advanced: --gpu-platform=1 (GPU, Can migrate issues caused by intel internal graphics)
  • Advanced: Do not close the command prompt window after the process closes (ALL)

  • Fixed CUDA mining
  • Fixed a small glitch when cpumining on a single core processor

Event: Your chance to win 15 Garlicoin!
posted 01/22/2018 12:44:58 by smiba

New event

We're currently at 22MH/s, which is pretty cool concidering garlicoin was released less then 24 hours ago.
Also its been 8 hours without an ongoing event, so I'd say its about time for another one!!

What is the event about

In this event we will give away 5 Garlicoin to a random miner that is mining when we hit 150MH/s!

There will also be two smaller prices, the total will be as follows:
1st price: 15 Garlicoin
2nd price: 5 Garlicoin
3rd price: 1 Garlicoin

Alright cool, how can I participate?

Just mine along! Every share you've submitted in the last 15 minutes when we hit our 150MH/s goal will count.
(We will do the amount of shares times the difficulty, so its fair)

So tell your friends, family, cat and fellow garlic miners: Come join!

If you need any help getting your miner to work or have any other questions: Let us know in our Discord channel
Happy mining!

- Garlicpool.org team

Event: 2 Garlicoin reward for the first user to mine a block!
posted 01/22/2018 02:08:29 by smiba

Event ended

The first block was mined by darkusx55, congratulations! Your price will be added to your balance.

For those who haven't won: We will host new events soon!

Stay tuned for more and happy mining!

- Garlicpool.org team

Event: 2 Garlicoin reward for the first user to mine a block!
posted 01/21/2018 23:23:31 by smiba


In order to attract new users to our pool, we're giving away 2 Garlicoin for the first user to mine a block!

Thats right, you can have a chance to win 2 Garlicoin, no strings attached! Just mine with us and you automatically have a chance to win!

Spread the word and happy mining!

- Garlicpool.org team

posted 01/21/2018 22:45:17 by smiba

Welcome to our pool!

Questions? Let me know on discord!

Directly: @Smiba#3781
Our server: https://discord.gg/fMUXg2G